Have You Got The Heart? Night Cyclists?

This bizarre safety bike light is bringing night cycling to a whole new level. If you’re crazy about cycling, then you must have this crazy set of “Balls” or if you prefer to call it Heart on your bikes. It’s like giving your bike some real confidence, it takes grit, wit, and balls to ride, so show em’ what you got.

Design 2

Having these testicle-shaped Bike Lights will allow you to be the centre of attraction to drivers and other road users. You don’t have to be that ‘invisible’ cyclist on the road anymore. Once people start seeing glowing red/blue/green set of balls dangling and bobbing on your bike, the random movement will easily be detected and let those neglectful drivers noticing you while you can bring a bit of humour to the community.  Why keep them hidden when you can show them off to public.

Shake it

If you aren’t familiar with this Heart or Bike Balls, they are actually rear bike LED lights and are mounted on the back of your seat via an integrated strap. A red/blue/green LED light sits inside a tight-sealed silicon shell, or…sack, which keeps the components inside the ‘balls’ safe and dry, which makes the balls waterproof. The rubbery silicon texture makes this safety light more testicle-like. There are three types of flash modes, which will activate once you squeeze them. Bike balls run on coin cell batteries, which runs for 100 hours for solid mode and 190 hours on flashing mode.



Gif 2

By the way, does it remind you of your next door’s dogs?  It does for me. 🙂

This novelty creation has a much better presence than any other lights. Ball Haters and Ball Lovers, Check them out HERE!

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