Guide to Buying A New Bike That Suits You

Is this your first time buying your own bike? Sick of using that old bike you got during high school? Here’s your ultimate guide to bicycle buying! Start by deciding what kind of bike you want – road, mountain, hybrid or city? Ask yourself questions, like what do I want to use it for – fun riding, racing, short trip to the groceries and avoiding traffic, or ride through tough terrains, such as mountain biking and road cycling.

Look for what you are interested in. If you start to gain interest in exploring the road or nature, you should get a mountain bike with wide, knobby tires with flat handlebars. Or if you just want to get a bike to go to work or shopping or just a ride in the park, try getting a more common bike, like commuter or hybrid bikes, with larger, more stable tires.

After knowing what kinds of bike you are after,

Decide Your Budget

Decide how much money you would want to invest on the bike you are getting. Is the bike you’re getting worth the money? You still have to consider the gears and accessories you should get like helmet, lights, pumps and bottle cages. So, plan your budget and use two thirds of the budget to get the bike, and the rest for gears.

You can also do research on discounts on bikes and when does bike shops do sales. Bikes are like cars, when new brands and models come out, the last-season bikes will be put on sale. No shops would want bikes that will turn a year-old bikes in their inventory. You may get lucky if you found last year’s model on discount. But if the new model has upgraded features and much better than the last, you may want to consider paying a little more for a new one. Beware of bikes that are a few seasons old, they might be too old to function and easily break down, costing you more than you budgeted when you get it fixed.

Get The Brand – Or Not?

You’ve been asking questions on which bike brand is better, whether it’s Cannondale, Orbea, Scott, Schwinn or Cervelo. It’s not the brand that matters, you’re buying a bicycle, not a brand. If you search for the brand first thing you buy a bike, you’re making a style decision instead of prioritizing performance. When deciding which bike is better for you, it’s the model of the bike that matters. To find the best bike, you should start searching for the models within your price range, know the features and specifications you’re after, and then do your research on which bike brands fit perfectly to the criteria. From there, your perfect bike will emerge.

Bike According To Gender

There are men and women bike out there, if you’re wondering. Should you consider bikes according to your gender? Well, there are special features to bikes made for different sexes. Standard bikes are made from general male physiological feature, while women bikes…silhouette_of_a_girl_riding_a_bike_0515-1101-0401-1361_smu

  • Women bikes

Women bikes are made to fit the general female population. These bikes are made with components suited according to the anatomical features of a women, like shorter-reach levers for smaller hands and saddles that is nearer to the handlebars. Some bikes even tune the bicycle frame tubing which suits best for a women’s general lighter bodies. All these special-made features enables women to ride better and be more confident.

If you are a male with a small figure, you can consider getting a women bike instead of the standard ones, in case you have difficulty in reaching the handlebars and control the brakes or pedals. Chances are, you may feel more comfortable and well-suited in a women bike. Getting a bike is just like getting a car – you get to test drive. Spend your time wisely when test driving the bike you picked, and know the good and bad of the bike and comparing it to others before getting your wallet out.

Narrow Your Search

Try to narrow down your searches and focus on the last few bicycles you want. Make sure they are all in your budget. I believe your options will narrow down to a few after test driving the bikes, and make sure you test drive for an adequate 15 to 20 minutes, feeling the ride and everything on the bike.

Saving By Buying Online – Should You?

Just like books and other items, online shopping is always a save. Bikes, too, are also sold at lower prices. But the disadvantage when buying online, is that you won’t get a bargain. Many sellers offer new or secondhand bikes online, with other new or used cycling gear. You may prefer bikes with specific frame angles, stem and handlebar sizes, the measurements stated may not be entirely right and you’ll get disappointed when it comes. Or maybe you’ll even like it more. It happens all the time.


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  1. Olivia Nelson says:

    I appreciate your tip on finding out your budget before you look for a bike. I would imagine that knowing how much you can spend would be important when you go to a bike shop. I’m looking to buy a bicycle to help me get more active so I should probably find out how much I’m able to spend before I start looking.

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