14 Genius Bike Accessories You Gotta Have

If you’re thinking on what bike accessories to get, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Pedal Powered Charger


The pedal-powered charger can charge your phone while you cycle. So you don’t have to be worried that your phone will run flat anymore.

2. iPhone Case With 22 Essential Bike Tools


Tired of bringing those heavy, bulking tools in your saddle bag? Not anymore.

3. Bicycle Phone Bag

Water Proof Cycling Bag

It is suitable for all kinds of seat posts of bicycles and phones. You do not have to worry about where and how to put your phone when you go cycling anymore once you have this Front Tube Cycling Bag.

4. Tiny Air Pump

tiny air pump

What’s more convenient than a portable air pump? Not just portable, but also tiny, making it easier to bring along for rides.

5. Reflective Socks

refelctive socks

To increase safety on the road at night, adding more lights and reflective straps is never wrong. Get yourself a reflective sock to let other road users see you easily.

6. Reflective Stickers

reflective stickers

Or get reflective stickers to stick it on your bike frame. The more visible you are on the road, the better.

7. Flectr Wheel Reflectors


If bike spoke lights are still not enough for you, then you should get this Flectr wheel reflectors to be more visible when cycling at night.

8. Clip-On Cup Holder


Going to work on your bike and stopping for a coffee to bring to your work? Until you realized you have nowhere to put it. If you are having this problem, then you should get this mountable cup holder.

9. Laser Bike Lights


Let other road users see ‘your’ lane with these lights. Get it Here

10. Anti-Theft Silent Alarm

silent alarm

This silent alarm doesn’t make a sound when someone is trying to steal your bike. Well-hidden and out of sight, it sends alarm to your phone instead.

11. Mountable Speaker-Cum-Bike Lights


Getting bored and lonely when cycling alone? This speaker connects to your phone via Bluetooth and it also acts as a bike light too!  Or if you just want a simple, cheap and durable head lamp, you can consider this Bicycle Head Lamp with Mount.

12. Tool That Patch Up Tire Punctures


Now you don’t have to stop cycling and go home when you punctured your bike tires. This simple and easy-to-use tool help you patch up those punctured tires in seconds.

13. Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top Backpack


Although this backpack is mainly made for motorcyclists, bicyclists can also use them. These Roll-Top backpack carries your load close to your centre of gravity and distribute the weight off your shoulders.  Here is another durable yet waterproof Cycling Backpack for your consideration.

14. Heart Shaped Tail Light

Heart Shaped!
The best Heart on your bike!

If you haven’t got the balls to go night cycling alone and in the dark, maybe this would help! Get it HERE.

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