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What if 20 years ago, I told you that you could go around town searching for virtual pets with your phone held out in front of you, throw some red and white balls at them, and make them your own just so you could have them fight with other people’s pets? You would probably think I’m nuts. But as you and I both have seen, this has indeed become a reality.pokemon-go

Niantic‘s augmented reality application, Pokemon Go, has literally become the hottest topic all around the world and everyone is busy reliving the memories of the 90s anime by the name of Pokemon when it began airing on TV. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s the need to keep up with all the recent trends, but this game has become one of the best-selling and most played phone games.

The application requires the user or the ‘Pokemon trainer’ to walk to real life places in order to find Pokemon so you can catch them, go to Pokestops where you can refill your in-game supplies, and record a few kilometers to hatch eggs. If you are someone who hasn’t been living under a rock, you are probably already aware of how the game works. The thing is: what do you do when you hear that there’s a Snorlax five blocks from your house but if you set out on foot right now, it would probably wander away by the time you get there? There is an easy solution; you should get a Pokebike!


You cannot become a true Pokemon trainer unless you have your very own Pokebike. Remember when Ash stole Misty’s bike in the very first episode of the show to get Pikachu to a Pokestop? Well, you’d be paying a homage to that!


Not only having a bike equipped with all things Pokemon makes you looks super awesome, but also makes Pokemon-catching super easy and convenient. Imagine that you have turned on a lure or an incense but all of a sudden, you run out of Pokeballs. The nearest Pokestop lies at quite a distance from where you are currently, and you are too tired to walk all the way over there to fill up on your essentials. You’re probably going to end up wasting that invaluable lure as Pokemon appear and disappear in succession before you
and you remain unable to catch any of them due to having no Pokeballs. On the other hand, if you happened to have a bike at that moment, you could simply grab your phone, hop on your bike, and easily ride to the Pokestop in a sliver of time, returning just as quickly.

Another thing trainers have found bikes to be assistive of in the game is egg hatching. Eggs can be a pain for sure, demanding you to walk a distance of 2 to 10 kilometers in order to hatch them. But several have discovered that if you ride a bike with the application open on your phone, albeit at a speed that mimics the speed of a walking or running person i.e. 10 to 15 mph (15 km/h to 25 km/h), then you can effectively record covered distance to hatch your eggs in the incubator!


Let’s admit it; many of us have never walked this much every single day before the release of this application. There is no doubt that this has become the most effective motivator of physical activity out there, encouraging its users to walk instead of driving to work or for kids to ride their bikes instead of taking the bus when going to school.

Once you have used a bicycle to aid you in your Pokemon related adventures, you will realize how much easier and fun it makes your whole experience. I know of so many fellow trainers who have only purchased and rode bikes because of Pokemon Go! This is real life proof that this game has done so much more than making half the world’s population its fan; it is also encouraging people to adopt physical activity in their lives and involve cycling in their regular routine. You cannot convince me that a phone game, that causes people to be seventy times more inclined towards buying a bicycle and riding it daily for hours and brings loads of excitement and enjoyment, is harmful.Catching Pokemon on Bike


On the other hand, biking distractedly can cause plenty of damage to both, personal property and lives. While Pokebiking is undoubtedly a wholesome, convenient and healthy approach to the game, certain dangers are still hidden amongst the folds of the positivity that envelopes this aspect of the experience.

When you venture out into town with your phone in one hand, scanning the streets and searching for virtual critters while your other hand tries and fails to successfully maneuver the two wheeled vehicle around corners and past lampposts, you become and make other people around you at a high risk of injury and accident.

Where Pokemon Go has racked up 5 million downloads and mighty good reviews, it has also caused enough distraction to put people in the midst of accidents and crashes. It is essentially our own mistake; we must learn to construct a way that allows us to have an enjoyable experience with the game as well as stay safe and secure.

When you bike and play at the same time, it would not be unusual for you to spend more time looking at the screen instead of focusing on the road, an alternative of what you should really be doing, and soon find yourself too little too late on a collision course with another person. That can never end up good.


pokemongo bike

While Pokebiking has its dangers, there is so much you can do to prevent them from emerging. Catching Pokemon while riding a bike is not as unsafe or difficult if you know the correct measures to take. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you catch safely while biking.

You can easily find in the market phone mounts that provide the accessibility to be attached to the handlebars of your bicycle. You can get one that simply slides on and off the handle for easy use. What getting such a phone holder does is that it allows you to actually have both your hands on the wheel as you drive instead of holding your phone in one hand. It also makes for easy viewing and ensures your eyes stay ahead most of the time.


Riding at night provides multiple benefits: there are not as many people around so you get maximum chances of grabbing Pokemon, and the street traffic is usually light during this time. By riding at night, you can avoid the hassle of having to look out for heavy traffic on the roads or streets and hence be safer when you venture out to catch Pokemon on your bike.

If you decide to bike at night, it is important that you take all the safety precautions. There will always be some traffic on the roads and some people on the street, and you must know where they are so you don’t crash into them in the dark. The best way to counter this problem is to get a headlamp that can be mounted towards the front of your vehicle and illuminates the path ahead of you sufficiently.

Along with looking out for others, you must make sure others look out for you too. A truck driver won’t know there’s a bicycle ahead of him in the dark, and he might as well plough into you. With a LED Taillight located on the back of your seat, you can make others aware of your presence and subsequently save yourself from accidents you may otherwise be prone to.


The best thing to probably do, whether you are riding during the day or the night, is to stick to streets and roads where not many people traverse. Take routes that are comparatively lighter in terms of traffic so you can minimize the danger of any oversight you may make as you Pokebike.

Night Cycling Safety

While biking and catching Pokemon is an incredibly fun activity, remember: you can’t catch em all if you’re catching all the injuries. So make sure to bike safe, and make your Pokemon-catching experience pain and hassle free! Remember, always safety first, what is the point of catching a Mewtwo yet losing a leg or even worse a life?

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