Cycling Gear: Of Hearts And Tuxedos Or Muscular?

gentleman-cyclingCycling is a rather fun activity to do. But sometimes, the constant pedalling and the gliding over stony footpaths while passing by a flurry of expressionless faces and mouths pressed into tight
lines as people don’t even bother to turn and glance at you, can prove to be quite monotonous and, frankly, boring. Cycling is more than just an activity, so much more than just a means to fill up empty time slots or put in some exercising hours. It is a passion; it is you and your personality laid out on a two-wheeled vehicle with a piercing squeak for a voice.

You only have one chance at making an expression on strangers and known ones as you ride past or towards them, and this is exactly why you must make sure you put forth your best foot- or your best pedal- when it comes to dolling up your bicycle and yourself. So here are two amazingly useful and ingenious products that can easily help you to pimp up your ride and look as spectacular as you are inside.


Tuxedo Cycling Jersey
Tuxedo Cycling Jersey

Who doesn’t like a gentleman? As their friend, as their significant other, or as the memory of that one handsome man that whipped past them today on an equally handsome bicycle. Wouldn’t we all like to be that gentleman? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. All you need, to at least look like the perfect cavalier, is the Tuxedo Cycling Summer Jersey – the outlook that is totally in these days.

A nice collared shirt paired with a vest and a tie are a must. No gentleman is complete without checking off these items from the list, and you cannot afford to not do so either. But pedalling a bike in those already God-awfully constricting suit pants that suffocate you in unspeakable places and a tight vest whose buttons threaten to pop open with every movement of your arms can be, needless to say, an experience you might not want to think about. Instead, opt for the easiest way out that lets you fake your way chivalry and still seem genuine!


Muscular Man Cycling Jersey
Muscular Man Cycling Jersey

For those choose not to be a gentleman, perhaps a muscular one?  Name one superhero costume that is not designed muscularly, well, most of them are muscle man!  This Muscular Man Cycling Jersey would definitely make your dream comes “true” to feel stronger and tougher!  Show your muscles around during your cycling trip, be cool and be tough!


But being courteous isn’t all that makes a woman swoon- you also have to have a heart in that chest of yours. Yet the question remains, how do you show everyone that you aren’t heartless? The answer is simple: you hang it upside down from the back of your seat for everyone to see and realize that you do, in fact, wear your heart on your… bike seat.

Heart Shaped Tail Light

The Heart Shaped Tail Light becomes something of a necessity when you want to light up your path from the other way round and also when you want to let everyone know that you have a big, giant, humongous……. heart!

Where did you think we were going with that? Nobody likes a mind that lives in the gutter! But we can assure you that everyone likes a man suited up in a classy yet casual tuxedo, with a big heart hanging down their legs- excuse us; hanging down their bike seats!

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