Lego-cum-Playmobil Inspired Bike Helmet


Just what we needed, right? A plastic hair for your hair. Not many kids in Denmark actually wear helmets when cycling. That’s what made Simon Higby, a creative partner at DBB Stockholm, to come out with this simple yet interesting design for his MBA thesis. He had the idea of extracting the hair out of a Playmobil character and develop it into a helmet.

Collaborating with MOEF, a Danish company, to create the prototype using 3D printing and scanning. The hairpiece is then modelled into a helmet using CAD software, which moulded it into the shape and size that fits a human head.

It’s thick and has almost no ventilation, which made me wonder if any kids would be excited about them. It also looks like it covers the ear and impair hearing (quite dangerous if you’re on the road and not hear the cars coming or even honking at you).

The Playmobil helmet only went through the prototyping stage and has not seen to be progressing beyond that point. When asked about future production plans, Higby said “I would love to do that. We just don’t know who right now.”

Hope they make one for adults too and makes you look like Trump:



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