EcoHelmet – Bike Helmet Made Entirely Out of Paper

This helmet is made from paper. This eco-friendly helmet is both foldable and recyclable. Made from cardstock paper and designed to the shape of a honeycomb, it can incredibly absorb direct blows like any helmets of yours. The EcoHelmet is also coated with a water-resistant material that can last at least 3-4 hours under the rain.

It is ideal for bike sharers who forgot to bring a helmet or didn’t intend to bring a helmet along with them, which comes in handy for a spontaneous bike ride. The EcoHelmet costs less than $5 but is only good for a number of uses before it deteriorates.


Sir James Dyson tries out the helmet himself

The helmet won the 2016 James Dyson Award, an international design contest held by the James Dyson Foundation, and beat out 99 other US entries. 28-year-old Isis Shiffer got her hands dirty and spent a year and a half designing and perfecting her very own paper helmet.

“You could buy a helmet for $5 or less, and when you’re done with the ride, you’d put it back in a recycle bin located at each station,” Shiffer, CEO and founder of design consultancy Spitfire Industry, told CNNMoney.

“I want my helmet to keep cyclists safe, and make cities safer and greener at the same time,” Shiffer said.

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