Cycling glasses – see clearer from $5

Wearing glasses when cycling makes you look cool and professional. More importantly, it protects your eyes from the blazing sun, road dusts and flying bugs. Some glasses are interchangeable, so that you can change the shade of the glasses; dark tinted ones during the day and clearer ones when cycling at night. Also, most eyewear makers offer glasses with prescription glasses, in order for some cyclists who wear glasses to get to wear them too.

Cycling glasses and regular sunglasses differ from each other in terms of the design and function. Cycling glasses has a wraparound design that fit perfectly on your temples, and doesn’t fall off easily. They’re made from lightweight and durable material so it doesn’t feel too bulky against your ears. Also, most cycling glasses have shatterproof lenses and comes with various tinted colours. Well, the main question is, what should you be looking for in cycling glasses?


Lenses come in huge variety of choices. You can choose to buy double or single lenses, or interchangeable lenses. A single lens will offer a wider coverage and improved peripheral vision. Double lens glasses often come with interchangeable lenses that enable you to switch out lenses depending on the condition you are riding in. In bright conditions like road cycling when the sun is out, a dark tinted glasses are better, while clearer lens are used when night cycling. Here are the various colours of lenses:


For cycling at night and in shadier places like in the mountains. Protection against debris instead of sunlight.


For low light conditions, such as during winter where the nights are longer than the days. Protection against debris and improved clarity when light is dim.


Suited for variable conditions, but not suited for night cycling. Enhances contrast and improves depth perception.


Best for low light conditions. Stylish, reduce glare while enhancing colour perception.


Best for medium to bright conditions, not suited during winter. True colour perception not distorted and also reduce glare.


Variable conditions. Offer improved visual depth and greatest amount of contrast.

Some glasses manufacturers make photochromic lenses that get lighter or darker according to the condition you’re at. It can be really convenient if you’re the person who dislike the different colours or too lazy to change lenses.

To choose the right cycling glasses, you must know the right fit. Make sure that it fits perfectly on your nose bridge. Most cycling glasses have adjustable nosepiece, so that it doesn’t fall off that easily if the nosepiece is too big, or sitting too high and making you uncomfortable if it’s too small. Also, the arms of the glasses must also fit perfectly to around your temple, holding it in place and not falling off when you’re looking sideways while cycling. Having the glasses too tight will make you feel uncomfortable and will sometimes leave a red-pink horizontal mark over your temple.

Here are the best 7 cycling glasses we picked:

Orao Arenberg

Price – $5

Orao Arenberg, manufactured by French sporting mega-retailer Decathlon, is light (23g), comfortable and affordable. The glasses are made from 100% UV-blocking impact-resistant polycarbonate. Decathlon’s Orao glasses are a fixed clear lens which is great for night cycling; it also comes in yellow, for foggy weathers, and grey, for bright, sun-blinding weathers. They are able to slip easily under a skullcap due to the thin frame, and are also able to stay in place if worn over helmet straps or ear warmers.

Northware Predator

Price – $22.70 

The ergonomic shape of the Northware Predator offers you a particularly wrapped feel. The clear lenses are all that makes the Predator worth the money. They are smooth and are made from polycarbonate, making them resistant to both solvents and scratches, so that when it rains, the rain will slide off, giving you a hazard-free view. A small flaw to the Northware Predator is that they’ll slightly obscure your view when you turn your head to view behind, due to the side struts at the edge of the frame.

Madison D’Arcs triple glasses set

Price – $33.90

A rubberised material along the frame of the D’Arcs glasses provides a comfortable and non-slip fit and they come in a half-frame single lens design for maximum protection against debris and dust. They are also supplied with three interchangeable lenses to suit different weather conditions.

Sunwise Equinox sunglasses

Price – $42.70

The Sunwise Equinox has quite straight side arms with rubberised temple grips to support and hold perfectly during extreme bicycling. The lenses come in various colours such as white, grey (as shown above), pink as well as green, and are interchangeable. There are four sets of interchangeable lenses, from category 0 clear ones to category 3 smoke mirrored lenses. You can easily carry spare lens in your jersey pocket and they are easily swapped in and out. The Sunwise Equinox sunglasses are not as big as some other glasses, making unfiltered light appearing in your peripheral vision.

dhb PhotoChromatic Half Frame sunglasses

Price – $44

At $44, this dhb sunglasses looks like a really good deal. It comes in a soft zip-up case that protects them. The lenses are coated with hydrophobic materials, so that you don’t have to worry about vision when it rains. It is also very suitable when riding in varying light conditions. Also, the rubber nose bridge also makes it confortable and worth every dollar.

BBB Select Sport glasses

Price – $62.20

The BBB Select’s lenses are excellent. It offers very clear vision and comfort for the price. Although the large BBB logo will slightly impair your field of vision, you will get used to it and not notice after a while. The lightweight BBB Select glasses have 9 coatings that’ll give a great contrast to the MLC blue tinted polycarbonate lens, which will be great for bright and sunny days. The rubber nose piece is adjustable and the arms of the glasses have a nice vice-like grip above your ear. Also, it comes in a hard carrying case together with a high contrast yellow and smoked clear lenses.

Tifosi Pro Escalate FSH set

Price – $114.31

Tifosi, a company that makes good quality glasses, presents to you the Pro Escalate FSH glasses set, which is the most expensive that Tifosi makes. The set includes three frame options with one pair of Grillamid TR90 plastic arms, six lenses and a nice hard case to keep them all in. FSH stands for Full, Shield, and Half, which represents the frame. The lens are great quality; you don’t get any obstructed view at all.



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