World’s Largest Cycle Parking Facility is Open for Business

cycling park

Utretch, Netherlands build a parking lot specially for cyclists is now open for business. It took them 4 years to complete the project and

The bike store is situated underneath Utrecht central station and opened with spaces for 6,000 cycles. This will be expanded in 2018 to accommodate 12,500 bikes.


Users of the facility can park their cycle there for free for the first 24 hours, and thereafter it costs €1.25, or around £1.14 per day. Customers can ride into the garage via a clearly marked one-way cycle lane system.

“It goes up every year in Netherlands. I look at a lot of cities in the Netherlands and they are just talking about building the infrastructure, but at the same time the figures are still rising.”

With London suffering a stark shortage of secure cycle parking, could something like the Utrecht central station garage on day appear on the British capital?


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