Why Does Cycling Makes Us Happy?

Cycling is a beautiful sport. Well, is cycling really fun, or is it just a form of accomplishment for some people? Other sports like swimming, footy or even running can’t beat the ‘fun’ we have when we cycle. But what makes us love cycling that much? Why are we so obsessed over cycling? Some people even describe cycling as a form of secret happiness, something you can’t simply achieve. According to this article here, there are 15 reasons why cycling makes us happy.


The science of positive psychology investigates what makes life most worth living. Cycling seems to possess an array of attributes that boost happiness in ways that few other sports can claim. While many other sports may possess a small handful of these attributes, it seems that cycling may be one of very few that has them all.


Cycling offers those precious quiet moments that fill us with awe and gratitude. While it might be on top of a world-famous peak, it can happen just as easily on a quiet suburban street as the sun rises, the day begins, and we feel that sense of awe, appreciation, or gratitude. It’s as though everything is right with the world – even when it’s not. And for that moment while we are on two wheels, we feel happy.


One of the exciting attributes of many sports is the sensation-seeking opportunities they afford. Research shows that physical activity is viewed as a way to achieve our need to be excited, lively and adventurous. Risk and opportunities for a ‘thrill’ can be part of every ride – and the buzz of a fast descent, the rush of a bunch sprint, or the challenge of an off-road track or rock-garden can give us a grin that lasts for days.


Nostalgia. Cycling as an adult takes me back to my inner child where I was free. It was my first, or I guess, second mode of transportation as a youngster and it is a great feeling to get back to my roots and enjoy the ride.


Well, what do you think why we all love cycling?


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