Three MAMILs Ride 500-mile Non-stop Around South of Bristol

Three MAMILs (middle-aged men in lycra), Nick Hill 54, Kevin Gartland 43, and Bob Symons 63, have been up all night last night and today, attempting the ultimate MAMIL challenge – riding 500 miles non-stop in laps around the south of Bristol.


They have only ever ridden 300 miles in training, and say the final 200 miles – which they aim to do through Saturday night and into Sunday morning – will be done on ‘sheer bloody-mindedness’.


“Not many try this, and the people who do try it, very often don’t finish it,” said Nick.


“And of the people who try it, they all tend to be in their 20s and 30s, and not as old as us,” he added.


“It’s a challenge to get enough energy into our bodies, because we’ll be burning something like 24,000 calories. As well as riding for 500 miles, we’ll be going up and down all the hills too – by the end of it we’ll have cycled up 30,000ft, which is higher than from sea-level to Everest.


Do you dare challenge this 500-mile ride? I would if I were allowed to take breaks in between.



Image from BristolPost

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