Noblesville Walking and Bicycling Trail is Finally Open

Noblesville, Indiana is opening their walking and cycling trail to the public; a trail that was proposed back in 2000, that follows the White River from the Halmilton County employee parking lot to the Forest Park pedestrian bridge. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Friday morning for the Riverwalk.


A news release from Noblesville said County Commissioner Steve Dillinger came up with the idea of the walkway while visiting Madison, Ind., in 2000. A committee of residents was formed the following year, but the recession and prioritizing infrastructure projects took precedence until 2008.


“This is a big day for Hamilton County, for Noblesville, and certainly for the restoration of what is happening to the west side of Noblesville and the river. I couldn’t be more pleased and happy to be part of this ribbon cutting and opening of the Riverwalk, which ties everything together,” Dillinger said in the release.


“This isn’t the end of this particular project. We are also looking at enhancements to go along here at Logan Street that will have a lighting enhancement piece to it that I think will beautify all of Noblesville as well,” said Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt in the release.



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