Best Smart Watches for Hardcore Cyclists

Either you’re the one to keep a record of your track rides, or to record your heart rate, or even for your everyday life, every cyclist has to have a smart watch with them. The problem is, do you know which smart watch to get? There are endless options out there for you that surely makes you confused and indecisive.

Here are some smartwatches you should get to have a more hyped experience:

  1. Microsoft Band 2

Price: $250

The Microsoft Band 2 is a watch which comes closest to the Apple watch in terms of the features and functions. It offers features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracker, an activity monitor that can be switch to different exercising modes, a pedometer, a UV monitor, and notifications from your smartphone. It also has a built-in GPS to allow you to connect to Strava.

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  1. Garmin VivoActive Smartwatch

Price on Amazon: $250

This smartwatch with a built-in GPS system is ultra-thin and the screen is designed to be readable even in the brightest of sunlight. It allows you to choose between GPS-enable running, cycling, swimming and even golfing, which is a great choice for triathletes. It can be synced with your smartphone and alerts you for incoming call, messages, emails and any reminders you have notifications turned on for.

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  1. Timex Ironman Run X50+

Price: $295

The Timex Ironman allows you to control your phone’s music. It’ll also notify you about calls, messages, emails and social notifications. Most importantly, it can track your intervals and workouts. It has features such as a stopwatch, interval timer, and an alarm. There’s also a phone finder in case you lost your phone anywhere.

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  1. Garmin Vivosmart HR

Price: $150

The Garmin Vivosmart is not a watch to track your cycling, but that does not mean it’s not good for every day routines and exercises. It has a built-in heart rate monitor that can track your workout intensity, so you can actually get your data tracked without spending a lot. The screen shows stats like steps taken, distance, calories, heart rate, floors climbed and activity intensity, and like any other, notifies you your incoming calls, messages and emails.

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  1. Apple Watch

Price: $649

The Apple Watch is arguably the best smartwatch out in the market. It offers the usual notification like calls, texts, social updates and mails, and you can even respond to them with the watch. The design also looks flawless, works great and surprisingly, the battery life is so much better than others. It can track your ride and also steps, distance, calories and sleep tracking.


  1. Fitbit Surge

Price: $250

The Fitbit Surge has a cycling GPS mode that works really well in terms of accuracy. It also syncs your rides and stats wirelessly to attach to your smartphone and computers. It allows you to update your Strava constantly. You can also review your routes with GPS tracking and see your heart rate. Like the usual smartwatches, it will alert you your calls, text notifications and emails. Music from your phone can also be controlled, as well as sleep tracking, stationary time, steps, distances and calories.

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