Best Smart Watches for Hardcore Cyclists

Either you’re the one to keep a record of your track rides, or to record your heart rate, or even for your everyday life, every cyclist has to have a smart watch with them. The problem is, do you know which smart watch to get? There are endless options out there for you that surely […]

Youth Cycling Nonprofit Receives Foundation Grant

Norte Youth Cycling group’s Executive Director Ty Schmidt has quit his part-time physical therapy position at Munson Medical Center after winning a three-year, $50,000-per-year grant from the Grand Tranverse Regional Community Foundation, in order to help fulfill Norte’s future plans.   The Community Foundation is working on health and wellness initiatives aimed at a healthier […]

Noblesville Walking and Bicycling Trail is Finally Open

Noblesville, Indiana is opening their walking and cycling trail to the public; a trail that was proposed back in 2000, that follows the White River from the Halmilton County employee parking lot to the Forest Park pedestrian bridge. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Friday morning for the Riverwalk.   A news release from Noblesville […]

Florida Struggles to Improve Cycling Safety

Bicycling fatalities have been on the rise far more than we expected, since the number of cyclists are also increasing. Florida and other states have expanded prevention efforts, according to a new report by a safety advocacy group. in 2015, 818 bicyclists died, and that was the most recent data available.   That was more […]

Soler Angry with Lack of Cooperation in Vuelta Breakaway

Former Tour de I’Avenier winner Marc Soler, aged 23, is making his Grand Tour debut at the Vuelta. Soler ended up in third place, 56 seconds down on tstage winner Alexey Lutsenko (Astana) amnd 14 seconds after Merhawi Kudus (Dimension Data).   “There wasn’t any cooperation between the ones in the group when Lutsenko and […]

New Testing Protocol Finds Cycling Talent in Unexpected Places

Tegshbayar Batsaikhan, an 18 year old Mongolian athlete and the current Junior UCI World Champion in the Scratch Race, has made an impact on the sport, althouh whether he will be able to keep the crown in this week’s world Championships is hard to predict. Mongolia has no history of track riding, his performance has […]

Three MAMILs Ride 500-mile Non-stop Around South of Bristol

Three MAMILs (middle-aged men in lycra), Nick Hill 54, Kevin Gartland 43, and Bob Symons 63, have been up all night last night and today, attempting the ultimate MAMIL challenge – riding 500 miles non-stop in laps around the south of Bristol.   They have only ever ridden 300 miles in training, and say the […]

Samuel Sanchez ‘Shocked’ After Positive Test Results

Samuel Sanchez is a Spanish professional road bicycle racer riding for the BMC Racing Team. the 2008 Olympic champion had a positive test for growth hormone GHRP-2, and expressed his ‘surprise’ at being informed that he had failed a doping test in the build-up to the Vuelta a España. He is now being provisionally suspended.   […]

Why Does Cycling Makes Us Happy?

Cycling is a beautiful sport. Well, is cycling really fun, or is it just a form of accomplishment for some people? Other sports like swimming, footy or even running can’t beat the ‘fun’ we have when we cycle. But what makes us love cycling that much? Why are we so obsessed over cycling? Some people […]

Never Trust DOT Stats on Bike Safety

According to the article below here, it says that the more we encourage people to ride bicycles, the more bike lanes there are and the more will die or be seriously injured even if the numbers of those killed or seriously injured declines per million excursions. And they suggest to promote riding the bus and other […]