Tom Dumoulin Seals Victory at BinckBank Tour

Tom Dumoulin, a Dutch professional road bicycle racer for the UCI WorldTeam Team Sunweb, won first at BinckBank Tour as Jasper Stuyven takes his final stage.   Belgian Stuyven broke away with around 3.5km to go as a reduced group rode its way towards the finish on the early slopes of the Muur van Geraardsbergen.   […]

World’s Largest Cycle Parking Facility is Open for Business

cycling park

Utretch, Netherlands build a parking lot specially for cyclists is now open for business. It took them 4 years to complete the project and The bike store is situated underneath Utrecht central station and opened with spaces for 6,000 cycles. This will be expanded in 2018 to accommodate 12,500 bikes.   Users of the facility […]

Welsh Racing Cyclist Luke Rowe Fractures Leg

Welshman Luke Rowe, a racing cyclist who currently races for Team Sky, suffered two fractures, breaking his fibula and tibia, while whitewater rafting at his brother’s stag party. He is now recovering back at home in Cardiff after undergoing a surgery. “My brother Matt is getting married and so I was away with family and […]

Things you should never do to your bike

Nobody wants to have anything to do with breaking their bones or bikes, and therefore some rules are not meant to be broken. Sometimes you think what you’re doing is benefiting your bicycle, but it’s the other way around. Make sure to avoid these five things. Doing your own maintenance. Isn’t it easier to handle […]

Cycling glasses – see clearer from $5

Wearing glasses when cycling makes you look cool and professional. More importantly, it protects your eyes from the blazing sun, road dusts and flying bugs. Some glasses are interchangeable, so that you can change the shade of the glasses; dark tinted ones during the day and clearer ones when cycling at night. Also, most eyewear […]

Cycling in winter – The essentials

The arrival of winter doesn’t mean the departing of the cycling season. Cycling through winter is actually as thrilling as cycling during other seasons. All you need is a little knowledge here and there and some practice to have a blast during the cold. I must admit I never liked the cold, and have been […]

Choose your bike lights like a pro – best bike lights for night cycling

Cycling at night is as thrilling as cycling during the day. Just that it’s cooler and quieter; no loud crowds, no suffocating gases from cars, and no heat from the sun. It’s no doubt the best way to release stress and relax after a day’s work. Cycling through the neighbourhood that was bustling with life […]

Adrenaline junkies – Mountain biking at night

Here I am, facing a computer, writing my thoughts and experiences of the many months of mountain biking at night. To me, cycling in the mountains after sundown is like an all-extreme playground for adults. The thrill and adrenaline you’ll never experience during the day comes rushing into your bones when you cycle at night. […]