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Why Does Cycling Makes Us Happy?

Cycling is a beautiful sport. Well, is cycling really fun, or is it just a form of accomplishment for some people? Other sports like swimming, footy or even running can’t beat the ‘fun’ we have when we cycle. But what makes us love cycling that much? Why are we so obsessed over cycling? Some people […]

World’s Largest Cycle Parking Facility is Open for Business

cycling park

Utretch, Netherlands build a parking lot specially for cyclists is now open for business. It took them 4 years to complete the project and The bike store is situated underneath Utrecht central station and opened with spaces for 6,000 cycles. This will be expanded in 2018 to accommodate 12,500 bikes.   Users of the facility […]

Welsh Racing Cyclist Luke Rowe Fractures Leg

Welshman Luke Rowe, a racing cyclist who currently races for Team Sky, suffered two fractures, breaking his fibula and tibia, while whitewater rafting at his brother’s stag party. He is now recovering back at home in Cardiff after undergoing a surgery. “My brother Matt is getting married and so I was away with family and […]

Things you should never do to your bike

Nobody wants to have anything to do with breaking their bones or bikes, and therefore some rules are not meant to be broken. Sometimes you think what you’re doing is benefiting your bicycle, but it’s the other way around. Make sure to avoid these five things. Doing your own maintenance. Isn’t it easier to handle […]

Adrenaline junkies – Mountain biking at night

Here I am, facing a computer, writing my thoughts and experiences of the many months of mountain biking at night. To me, cycling in the mountains after sundown is like an all-extreme playground for adults. The thrill and adrenaline you’ll never experience during the day comes rushing into your bones when you cycle at night. […]

Cycling Safety And The Laws

Bicycles are no doubt vehicles, and of course, there is no way bicycles can escape from getting its own safety laws and regulations when on the road. Therefore, all riders are required take full responsibilities and obey the laws when cycling and sharing road with other road users. But, there are hundreds of countries in […]

Pokemon & Biking – PokeBiking

YOU JUST GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! What if 20 years ago, I told you that you could go around town searching for virtual pets with your phone held out in front of you, throw some red and white balls at them, and make them your own just so you could have them fight with other […]

7 Cycling Myth Busted!

When you’re deciding to get into cycling, everybody wants to help by giving you advices and ‘stories’ they heard of before. After that, you’ll start your ride with others, and they start telling you things and offer advice and share the wisdom of their years of cycling experiences, which normally is the opposite of what […]