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Best Smart Watches for Hardcore Cyclists

Either you’re the one to keep a record of your track rides, or to record your heart rate, or even for your everyday life, every cyclist has to have a smart watch with them. The problem is, do you know which smart watch to get? There are endless options out there for you that surely […]

EcoHelmet – Bike Helmet Made Entirely Out of Paper

This helmet is made from paper. This eco-friendly helmet is both foldable and recyclable. Made from cardstock paper and designed to the shape of a honeycomb, it can incredibly absorb direct blows like any helmets of yours. The EcoHelmet is also coated with a water-resistant material that can last at least 3-4 hours under the […]

Lego-cum-Playmobil Inspired Bike Helmet

Just what we needed, right? A plastic hair for your hair. Not many kids in Denmark actually wear helmets when cycling. That’s what made Simon Higby, a creative partner at DBB Stockholm, to come out with this simple yet interesting design for his MBA thesis. He had the idea of extracting the hair out of […]

14 Genius Bike Accessories You Gotta Have

If you’re thinking on what bike accessories to get, you’ve come to the right place. 1. Pedal Powered Charger The pedal-powered charger can charge your phone while you cycle. So you don’t have to be worried that your phone will run flat anymore. 2. iPhone Case With 22 Essential Bike Tools Tired of bringing those heavy, […]

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses for Cyclists – Solos

This year in May, the newly launched Solos glasses have invaded the market with its properties smarter than your smartphone and your bicycle computer. This smart glasses will bring your ride to the next level. Whether you are cycling to work, riding on weekends or a professional triathlete, Solos is the perfect glasses for you. […]

Have You Got The Heart? Night Cyclists?

This bizarre safety bike light is bringing night cycling to a whole new level. If you’re crazy about cycling, then you must have this crazy set of “Balls” or if you prefer to call it Heart on your bikes. It’s like giving your bike some real confidence, it takes grit, wit, and balls to ride, […]