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Never Trust DOT Stats on Bike Safety

According to the article below here, it says that the more we encourage people to ride bicycles, the more bike lanes there are and the more will die or be seriously injured even if the numbers of those killed or seriously injured declines per million excursions. And they suggest to promote riding the bus and other […]

Cycle safe – Avoid vehicle blind spots

Cycling may be the easiest way to get around, especially when you intend to do a quick errand nearby. As a bike rider, you would have to share roads with other road users, posing threats to you yourself and others as well. Cycling in places where there are lots of cars and traffic can be […]


Bicycling Bicycling: a habit that promotes healthier ways and a better lifestyle. An engaging activity that keeps both, the mind and the body running and active, allowing a person to find peace and solace in the sound of the wind whipping against their ears as they rush past people and flocks of trees, pedaling and […]

Have You Got The Heart? Night Cyclists?

This bizarre safety bike light is bringing night cycling to a whole new level. If you’re crazy about cycling, then you must have this crazy set of “Balls” or if you prefer to call it Heart on your bikes. It’s like giving your bike some real confidence, it takes grit, wit, and balls to ride, […]

Facts About Safe Night Cycling

The Bicycle Taillight When night cycling, you’re going to need a tail light that is bright. One captures the focus of the drunk driver on their telephone. The best thing with taillights would be to make sure they can be placed so that a cyclist behind you can sees them. What this means is that […]